How often should I update my list?

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How often should I update my list?

Email marketing databases naturally decline by up to 22% every year – this can be from contacts moving to new companies or contacts abandoning old email addresses.

Left untouched, your marketing campaigns will be based on a declining list with low engagement so it’s important to have a strategy for lost contacts.

We recommend you top up your list every 90 days and implement some of these strategies to invite new prospects to join your mailing list:

  • Use exit pop-ups: You can use exit popups like Opt-In Monster on your website to encourage visitors who are about to leave to enter their email addresses to receive a special offer or exclusive resource. Unlike immediate popups, exit-intent popups won’t disrupt visitors as they browse your site, and they can help you capture more email addresses from visitors.
  • Add subscribe button or form to your website: You can add a small piece of code to add a button or form to your website so new subscribers are automatically added to your Campaign Monitor lists.
  • Add a signup button to your Facebook Page: Add a signup button on your Facebook Company page.
  • Add a link to your employee’s signature: You can create a signup form page with a unique URL, that you can share online or add to your employee’s email signature to attract new subscribers.

You can leverage our List Builder tool to quickly top up your list with new contacts in your network.

We also recommend you run a database health checkup at least once a year to remove inactive contacts and segment your least engagement contacts into separate lists. Check out our blog article for more tips on how to maintain a healthy database.

Last updated July 2022

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