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Digital marketing has never been easier

Approve your campaign in minutes

Our program on the PartnerReach™ platform only requires a few minutes of your time each month to review and approve your campaign content. You’re able to swap out any articles you’d like from our content library, or you can leave as-is for an automatic send 4 days after you receive the draft.

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Grow your LinkedIn connections x6

Attract new followers with professional, thought leadership content on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn publishing tool automatically schedules your monthly campaign content to drip-feed to your LinkedIn audience.

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Manage your list and subscriber engagement

Gain insights into how your campaign is performing with Campaign Monitor analytics. You can see your most engaged subscribers, and track and measure campaign performance to receive actionable insights that will help improve your campaign.

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Priortize your leads

We offer enhanced lead tracking capabilities with the Insights Hub – a password-protected lead management system.

You can view all of your leads generated from your campaign in one place. Leads are scored and prioritized for easy follow up with your opportunities, enabling you to complete the sale efficiently.

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Defeat database decline with List Build

List Build is an easy way for you and your colleagues to import email contacts from your network, so your marketing campaigns can reach a larger audience.

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