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Influence the buying process early.

See where accounts are in their buying journey and what they’re searching for with Intent Signals

Intent Signals provide insight into which accounts are ready to buy and what they are researching so your team can take the right action at the right time.

Working with a leading third-party intent data provider, we are able to monitor the anonymous online behaviors of your accounts, and provide you with intent opportunities relevant to the products and services you sell. 

*Currently this service is only available to partners on premium programs.

Key benefits


Identify early buyer interest

Identify early buyer interest

Reveal new and emerging opportunities within your prospect and customer base


Uncover what your accounts are researching

Uncover what your accounts are researching

See which topics, products and services your accounts are researching so you can engage in more relevant communications


Know when to engage your accounts

Know when to engage your accounts

See the sales readiness of matched accounts so you can engage at the right time

We do all the hard work

We match the anonymous online behaviors of your accounts to uncover when your customers and prospects are researching topics, products and services relevant to your business.

We match the anonymous online behaviors of your accounts to uncover when your customers and prospects are researching topics, products and services relevant to your business.

How it works

Login to Insights Hub

Your Extu representative will trigger an invite to you and your sales reps to login to Insight Hub. 

When you receive the invite, simply login with your LinkedIn or Google credentials. 

Alternatively, you can login with an email and password. Make sure to verify your email address once if you choose this option.

This service is only available to partners on premium programs. 

View & sort results

Select ‘Account Profiling’ then ‘Results’ on the left navigation bar to see a prioritized list of your accounts with the most timely opportunities at the top.

You can also filter for a specific domain using the search function, or select certain Intent Category Topics.  Flag important accounts by marking them as favorites.

View intent signals

Click into the account you’d like to follow up and select the Intent Signals tab.

Signals are grouped into categories and results are shown based on their inferred location.

Follow-up intent signals

Review each keyword and inferred location for direction on who you should follow up with in that account and with what solution. 

If you’re unsure who in the company to reach out to, see the Leads & Engagement tabs to see which subscribers have been engaging with your campaign.

See our follow up guide for tips >>>

Intent signals tell us where a buyer is in their buying journey

The ready availability of information has made it far easier for buyers to gather information independently. This means that sellers have less access and fewer opportunities to influence customer decisions unless they act early in the buying process.

of buyers research before buying
of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content

Call with confidence when you follow up on intent signals

Depending on the sales readiness of the intent opportunity, you can use the intent signals to guide your next conversation with prospects and customers.

The Insights Hub gives you timely insight into campaign leads and buyer intent, which you can use to prioritize your accounts and increase the chances of arranging a sales appointment.

We’ve put together a guide with tips to help you maximize your chances of securing a meeting including:

  • How you should approach intent opportunities
  • Email and phone call best practices
  • LinkedIn follow up to increase your chances of a connection
Download Intent Signal Follow-up Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intent data?

Intent data is behavioral information collected about an individual’s online activities like keywords in a search engine or visit to a website.

Intent data can be anonymous, meaning there’s no name associated with the record, or it can be known, meaning the individual has filled out a form and has provided their name and contact information.

How are Intent Signals collected?

Our intent data provider collects the anonymous online behaviors of millions of internet users worldwide. These ‘digital footprints’ include keywords searched, websites visited and content topics viewed, which over time forms a pattern of behavior that can be used to infer intent to purchase at an account level.

How does this service protect user privacy?

To protect user privacy, Extu’s policies mandate that no data be passed to Extu from our intent data provider that Extu could use or recognize as personally identifiable information (PII).  As a result, our insights to you are only matched and provided at a company (not individual) level.

Is there a cost to use this service?

No, as with all Extu services, your vendor has funded your access to Account Profiling with Intent Signals. 

Why should I treat intent opportunities as a cold call?

We do not recommend discussing specific details about the intent signals with your account contacts as this can make the prospect feel uncomfortable and lead to awkward conversations about how you collected this information.

Instead, adjust your pitch to inquire about the needs of the business and the product/service topics indicated by the intent opportunity.

See more tips in our Intent Signal Follow-Up Guide.

How are accounts scored?

Accounts are scored from zero to 100. Zero implies no one at that company has indicated they are in market.  100 indicates that there are multiple leads from one company that is in market and they are likely to buy. 

Account Scores combine campaign engagements, recent leads, sales history, and intent signals to inform it’s domain level score. 

Am I eligible for Intent Signals service?

Account Profiling and Intent Signal Services are currently only available to partners on premium programs.

Partners eligible for this service will receive an invite from their Extu rep to join. Participation to use this service is determined and funded by your sponsor.

Partners selected to use this service typically have shown high program engagement and regularly share closed sales.

If you are interested in learning more about the service and if you qualify, please contact your Extu representative via the form below.