Make the most of your campaigns

Follow this monthly checklist for optimal results

Here’s what you’ll want to do each month to maximize success

Each month our team works hard to deliver turn-key campaigns to your inbox with topical, quality content to engage your audience and drive more opportunities.

To ensure your campaigns reach their maximum potential and your continued participation is secure, we recommend you do the following tasks each month.

Review your campaign

Review your content to optimize for your audience

Post to LinkedIn

Authorize content to post to your LinkedIn networks

Action opportunities

Follow-up the leads generated from your campaigns

Submit sales

Share closed sales summary each month to meet your requirement

Review your campaign

Once your draft is ready, we’ll send you an email with a link to review your campaign for the month. 

If you’re happy with how it looks, then leave it as is, and your campaign will automatically be scheduled to send 4 business days later.   

Learn more about campaign approval

Post to LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn publishing tool automatically splits approved content from your monthly campaign into multiple social posts.

These posts are then drip-fed to your LinkedIn audience,  just by authorizing your content to post.

Learn more about LinkedIn publisher

Action opportunities

Opportunities generated from your campaign’s unique microsite will be sent to you in real-time for easy follow-up.

Be sure to follow up within 5-10 minutes of receiving opportunities for the best chance of success.

Opportunities are also scored and prioritized in the Insights Hub.

Learn more about lead generation

Submit Sales

The brands and distributors that fund your participation in our program want to know how their marketing support is helping you generate more business.

By sharing closed sales, you are helping us to justify the continued support of your involvement and keep the program free to you.

Learn more about sales reporting

Pro Tip: Refresh your list every 90 days

Email marketing databases naturally decline by up to 22% every year and left untouched, your marketing campaigns will be based on a declining list with low engagement.

We recommend you review and refresh your list every 90 days to ensure it is up-to-date and new contacts are added.

Use our List Build tool for an easy way to import your contacts or follow our tips on strategies to grow your list organically.