Grow your LinkedIn network 6x faster

Attract new followers with professional, thought leadership content on LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn publishing tool automatically schedules your monthly campaign content to drip-feed to your LinkedIn audience.

Key benefits

Increased Reach

Growing the exposure of your content is a primary goal of brand awareness campaigns.

Research has shown that a persistent focus on brand-building yields greater return over the long haul.

More Followers

Increasing your follower count helps build a foundation for sustained, organic reach.

Organizations that post at least once a month gain followers six times faster than those that don’t

Higher Engagement

Getting members to interact with your content will help increase the impact of your messages.

Nearly half of all C-suite executives spend at least an hour engaging with thought leadership content weekly.

LinkedIn is the top-rated social network for lead generation

Over 590 million professionals use LinkedIn to network, research, and grow their careers which makes it a uniquely powerful social media channel for B2B marketing.  In fact, 97% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn for their content marketing efforts.

Thought leadership represents the intersection between B2B brand awareness and lead generation, helping to frame your company and its leaders as trustworthy, authoritative sources. Consider these thought leadership statistics:


of buyers say thought leadership content is critical in deciding which providers they want to learn more about

of buyers say thought leadership helps them determine which vendor to put on their short list

How it works

Step 1: Approve your campaign

Approve and schedule your monthly content as you normally would.

Step 2: LinkedIn authorization

Click “authorize now” to start the short process of granting us access to post on your behalf. This means the content in your email will be formatted into individual pieces of social content, adding to your company’s marketing mix and increasing your reach.

Step 3: Login

Sign in to LinkedIn, with the account you use to manage your LinkedIn company page.

Step 4: Select pages

Select which pages you would like the content to be published on in LinkedIn.

You can also invite your colleagues to do the same on their personal LinkedIn page, boosting your social reach instantly.

Step 5: You’re done

After you authorize us, we will schedule your social posts for the optimal time over the next 14 business days. You can see a preview of your posts and when they will posted on the complete page.

Step 6: View Your Post

Just like magic, your company page on LinkedIn will post articles to your audience at the times specified in the previous step.  These posts will help your company increase engagement and build brand awareness, and the end-users have no idea just how simple it was for you!

Step 7: View results

If you would like to see the results of your social post. Please log into LinkedIn and go to your Company Page. There is a menu item called “Analytics” which will give you a breakdown of each post and its performance.

Analytics are available for Page admins and offer insight into post updates, follower and visitor analytics.

Post Impressions

After you click Post impressions, you’ll be directed to the Update analytics page. Information about your post’s impressions can be viewed in the Update metrics and Update engagement sections.

To view trends for your Post impressions over time:

  1. Locate the Update metrics section.
  2. Click the Metric dropdown.
  3. Select Impressions or Unique impressions.

To view the number of impressions for individual updates:

  1. Locate the Update engagement section.
  2. Click through the Update title pages to view Impressions.

Learn more about your Page’s Update analytics.

Unique Visitors

After you click Unique visitors, you’ll be directed to the Visitor analytics page. The Visitor highlights section displays the number of Unique visitors your Page has had in the past 30 days.

To view trends in your Unique visitors metrics over time:

  1. Locate the Visitor metrics section.
  2. Click the Metric dropdown.
  3. Select Unique visitors.

Learn more about your Page’s Visitor analytics.

New Followers

After you click New Followers, you’ll be directed to the Follower analytics page. The Follower highlights section displays the number of new followers your Page has acquired over the past 30 days.

Learn more about your Page’s Follower analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does this post to my LinkedIn?

It will post one piece of content from your campaign per day until all the content from your campaign has been posted for the month. The next cycle will begin the following month, once you authorized LinkedIn to post again.

Our system prioritizes posting:

  • Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
  • 7am – then 12 midday – then 5pm in your local timezone
  • Content that has an end date, before the content expires
  • Alternating articles, then products

Our system does not post:

  • Duplicate content piece from that month
  • Content that has expired
  • Saturday – Sunday
  • Public Holidays

Can I control the posting schedule?

Yes, but it will have to be taken care of on our end. Please contact your Extu representative for this. 

Can I edit the social post's text?

Yes, we can edit the title and comment on our end. Please send your Extu representative the changes to update.

Will this post to my company page or personal page?

You will have the option to select whichever page you have LinkedIn admin access to.

How do I get LinkedIn admin access to my company page?

Please see LinkedIn’s help center for more details. 

I accidentally authorized the wrong page. Can I go back and change it?

Yes, but it will need to be fixed on our end. Please contact your Extu representative. 

Am I able to add a second LinkedIn account to post the campaign to?

Yes, you can invite your colleagues to do the same on their personal LinkedIn page by entering their email in the “Add colleagues section” on the authorization page. Within 5 minutes the invited employee(s) will receive an email from the contact, asking them to connect their LinkedIn account.

My company doesn’t have a LinkedIn page. How do I set one up?

Please see LinkedIn’s help center for a step-by-step guide. 

What data do you have access to?

Only likes, views and comments.