Supercharge audience engagement with world-class content

Content from the world’s top publishers in your monthly marketing campaigns

Crafting consistent and engaging content is often time and resource intensive. That’s why we’re excited to offer you content from the world’s top tech publishers to share with your audience.

Expect curated articles from Forbes, Business Insider, The Guardian, Gizmodo and more!

Top publishers include

Key benefits of curated content


Reach a broader network

Reach a broader network

Companies that send out regular newsletters get 88% more leads per month than those who don't


Impress your customers with trending news

Impress your customers with trending news

Each month receive a selection of the top trending articles in your industry


Build trust with expert content

Build trust with expert content

Including content from reputable well-known publishers will ensure your customers align your brand with experts whom they already know and trust.

Content is changing the customer relationship


of consumers regularly seek out trusted third-party content*

of consumers have made purchases as a result of content marketing*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Extu source this content?

We have partnered with leading content marketing platform, Newscred, to secure exclusive rights to licensed content from top publishers.

Can I remove the author and/or publishers names from the image or landing page?

It’s important to note an article from a trusted source is more likely to be clicked and shared by your customer than an article without a source. Including the source allows your business to align itself with leading publishers and establish credibility.

Our campaign production team can provide a version of the image with the publisher source and author removed but not on the landing page.

For content that’s licensed from another publisher, we’re required as part of our licensing agreement to feature the author, publisher, published date & publisher attribution or EULA (this appears at the bottom of the article) on the landing page.

Please note we’re also unable to edit or make changes to the article copy (again as per licensing agreement). Refer to 5.6 in our terms & conditions.

Alternatively, you have the option to select from one of our self-published articles which can be identified by articles without the publisher and author illustrated.

How does this change impact my monthly campaign?

You’ll continue to receive a selection of content from Extu’s own writers each month with the added option to swap in a selection of content from established publishers (like Forbes and The New York Times) prior to approving your campaign.

Can i edit the body of the text for licensed content?

Due to our licensing agreement, we are unable to edit the body of the text or insert marketing messages into content that’s licensed from another publisher. This keeps our partnership with publishers intact so they can trust us not to alter their content.


You can add an editor’s take at the beginning or end or a piece of content licensed from another publisher. This is typically 2-3 sentences to summarize the article and/or you can link to a business value add or call to action. See example.


Alternatively, if there is a sentence that is in conflict with your business model and you need it removed then please contact your Extu representative. Any revisions to the publishers content need to be approved before distribution which can typically take 2-3 business days.

Can I use the NewsCred licensed articles in my own campaigns or publish on my own website?

For content that’s licensed from another publisher, the article must only appear on Extu owned domains:,,

This means that you are unable to copy any part of the content including the images and re-use them on your website or for any other purpose. Refer to 8.6 (d) in our terms & conditions.