Insights Hub

Your one-stop shop for lead scoring, reporting, and opportunity management

We offer enhanced lead tracking capabilities with Insights Hub. Find all the information you need about your leads, manage your opportunities, and close sales more efficiently.

Here’s how it works:

Your monthly campaign is sent

After you’ve approved and scheduled your email to go out, your customers receive your campaign via email.

New opportunities are created

As they browse the articles and click-through links that are interesting to them, they are added and scored within Insights Hub, creating new opportunities for you to engage with your customers.

Receive real-time notifications

If a lead fills out a Contact Us form, requesting to be contacted, you’ll be the first to know.  Alerts will be sent in real-time, directly to your inbox.

Also, receive real-time information in Insights Hub about all activities for your Leads and Opportunities. Leads are automatically scored from 1-5 stars based on the likelihood of purchase and level of engagement.

Manage the opportunity in the insights hub

View all of your leads’ information right in one place. Utilize the contact information that is gathered to make calls or reach out quickly and easily. Getting in touch with your customers has never been easier.

Close the sale

Use Insights Hub as you continue to keep track of your interactions.  Lead scoring can help you prioritize and follow up with your opportunities accordingly, enabling you to complete the sale efficiently.

Want to activate Insights Hub for your company?