Review how your email campaign is performing

Receive actionable insights with Campaign Monitor analytics

See most your most engaged subscribers

You’ll receive a campaign summary with top leads and subscriber engagement 72 hours after your campaign has been sent.

The report includes your most recent leads, campaign performance metrics like reach and open rates as well as your most engaged subscribers, bounces, and unsubscribes.

To view the full metrics and subscriber level details, you’ll need to login into your Campaign Monitor account.

Track and measure campaign performance

You can track the performance of all your campaigns sent-to-date in your Campaign Monitor account by navigating to the “Campaigns” tab. You’ll see a highlevel summary of your campaigns overtime.

To view the performance of an individual campaign, click into it to go the campaign dashboard.

To get the subscriber details, simply click into the hyperlink of the metric you want to see like opens, clicks, unsubscribes and bounces to view who engaged. 

How to evaluate email performance

Campaign Open Rates

Open rates vary largely on a range of factors like the size of your list and method of collecting email addresses but, generally speaking, a healthy open rate is in the 20%-40% range. If your open rates are above that, then your campaigns are well optimized. If they’re below that range, there’s likely some opportunity for improvement.

Campaign Click Rate

Your click-through rate can vary depending on a range of factors like the size of your list and the content of your email, depending on the but, generally, a healthy email click-through rate is in 15% range.

Campaign Click-To-Open Rate

Click-to-open rate is determined by taking the unique clicks divided by unique opens. It tells you the percentage of recipients who opened the email, how many clicked, and is a leading indicator of the value of the content that you’re sending.

Unsubscribe Rates

By evaluating unsubscribe rates, you can quickly see if the content that you’re sending and the frequency of your communications are valuable to your audience. Unsubscribe rates less than 2% are within industry norms.


Pro Tip: Follow up on bounces for potential opportunities

It can be frustrating to receive email bounces on your campaign, however, reviewing and updating email bounces offers a great opportunity to reach out to customers and prospects and make new connections that can lead to potential new opportunities.

You can read more about the benefits of reviewing your email bounces here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is the third party mailing platform we use to schedule and send your campaigns. You’ll use Campaign Monitor to manage your subscriber lists and also track your campaign performance.

Login at 

I forgot my password. How do I login to Campaign Monitor?

Once you accept your invitation and create a password to Campaign Monitor, you can reset your password at any time by clicking ‘‘ to have Campaign Monitor send your reset link.


Login to your account at 

How can I view past campaign results?

You can view all your campaigns that you have sent to date on the ‘Campaigns’ tab in Campaign Monitor, as well as overall metrics such as:

  • When it was clicked
  • The number of recipients who received the campaign
  • Number of those who opened
  • Number of those you clicked within your email

You can also view a specific campaign report by clicking on one of your campaigns:

In this view, you get a breakdown of the campaign and can view metrics such as:

  • Open and clicks in a timeline view of the campaign.
  • Which particular links in your email were clicked, and by how many people.
  • A geographical breakdown of the top countries who opened your email.

What is the performance section in Campaign Summary?

The campaign summary gives you a quick snapshot of your last campaign.

REACH: This is the number of emails that was able to be delivered.
OPENS: This is unique number of people that opened your email.
ENGAGEMENTS: This is the number of people that clicked your email.
BOUNCES: This is a list of emails that hard bounced and could not be delivered.
UNSUBSCRIBES: This is the list of users that unsubscribed from your email.

We recommend the following actions:

ENGAGEMENTS: Call the user and ask if they liked the email and use it as a warm introduction to see if they have any upcoming projects.

BOUNCES: Call the company and see if the person has moved and if you need a new contact. Be sure to also check LinkedIn to see where this person has moved to so you can update their email.

UNSUBSCRIBES: Call the user and ask why they unsubscribed and what they might be looking for instead.