How do I import .csv or .xls file to Campaign Monitor?

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How do I import .csv or .xls file to Campaign Monitor?

To prepare your file:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet.
  2. Make two columns for Full name and Email address.
  3. Place the subscriber’s name and email address into separate rows. (If the subscriber did not provide full name, just input their email)
  4. Save the file as .xls or .csv for Google Docs. Once done, this will be the list you can upload in Campaign Monitor.

  5. To upload your list:

    1. Login to your Campaign Monitor account.
    2. Go to Lists & subscribers.
    3. Click ‘Create a list’.
    4. Name your list and ‘Continue to import’.
    5. To upload your list, you can either ‘drag and drop’ the file or tap on ‘upload a file’. Acceptable file types are csv, txt, and xls.
    6. After the upload is complete, the successfully added subscribers will show up in Active like this:

    If you are uploading a file with multiple email addresses and some of them did not show up to your list, you may refer to this article: Why didn’t all my contacts import to Campaign Monitor?

    Last updated February 2022

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