How does Extu source content?

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How does Extu source content?

Extu sources content through a combination of professional writers and licensing rights with top publishers like Forbes, Business Insider, The Guardian, Gizmodo and more!

We source content for a variety of verticals like Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and more.

Our content team are always researching the latest trends and ensuring that the most current, topical articles are available for your Extu campaigns. We also analyze engagement data across 100,000+ campaigns globally to help inform what content will resonate most with your audience when planning our content roadmap.

Our lead generation content like ebooks, infographics and surveys are specially crafted by a team of professional marketing writers and creatives to help capture interest from prospective clients researching their next project.

We know that content marketing is crucial to growing your business but managing yourself can be very time-intensive and can cost up to $60,000 a year to produce content consistently. That’s why Extu is committed to sourcing the highest quality content and making it as easy as possible to share it with your audience.

Check out our blog articles on how much it content marketing costs and why content marketing is important  to learn more about how Extu’s content adds value to your business.

Last updated November 2021

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