How can I view past campaign results?

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How can I view past campaign results?

You can view all your campaigns that you have sent to date on the ‘Campaigns’ tab in Campaign Monitor, as well as overall metrics such as:

  • When it was clicked
  • The number of recipients who received the campaign
  • Number of those who opened
  • Number of those you clicked within your email

You can also view a specific campaign report by clicking on one of your campaigns.

In this view, you get a breakdown of the campaign and can view metrics such as:

  • Open and clicks in a timeline view of the campaign.
  • Which particular links in your email were clicked, and by how many people.
  • A geographical breakdown of the top countries who opened your email.

Learn more about campaign analytics here or set up some time with your Partner Marketing Consultant to discuss your campaign performance.

Last updated December 2021

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