What are BANT leads?

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What are BANT leads?

Originally coined by IBM, BANT is considered the old-school, go-to method of sales and lead qualification.

BANT is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline, and it is a type of sales lead qualification process designed to identify leads worth pursuing.

  • Budget: Does the prospect/client have the necessary budget to purchase?
  • Authority: Does the potential lead have the authority to make a purchase, or are there additional people you need to speak with?
  • Needs: What business pain points is the prospect/client trying to solve?
  • Timeline: When is the lead looking to make a purchase?

Once a quarter, your Extu campaigns include gated content to capture this BANT information from your customers and prospects and help your sales team prioritize these leads.

BANT leads created in the last 30-days are deemed ready for the next stage in the sales process and you should review the lead details, including the topic of the source article, to make contact asap.

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Last updated April 2022

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