Are there guidelines for requesting custom content?

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Are there guidelines for requesting custom content?

Yes, when you submit custom content, there are certain copyright and infringement terms that you agree to, including:

  1.  You have the right to license Extu to use any copyright, intellectual property and other rights (Rights) subsisting in the material;
  2.  Use of the material does not infringe any Rights of any third party;
  3.  No third party has commenced or threatened proceedings for infringement of the Rights; and
  4.  You have obtained from each author an irrevocable consent and waiver to any infringement of moral rights in the material.

In terms of best practices, we recommend you don’t link to work from other authors or writers as this will drive traffic away from your campaign.

Great examples of custom content we’ve seen include:

  • Company updates like a new staff member joining to your team
  • Promoting an upcoming webinar or event
  • Strategic partnerships initiatives
  • Links to your company blog or any branded material

See our custom content guide for more examples of what other partners have included in their campaigns.

Last updated November 2021

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