How often does content post to my Linkedin?

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How often does content post to my Linkedin?

Once you’ve authorized your campaign content to post to your LinkedIn pages, the content will be scheduled to drip-feed one content article a day until all the content from your campaign has been posted for the month.

The next cycle will begin the following month, once you authorized LinkedIn to post again.

Our system prioritizes posting:

  • Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
  • 7am – then 12 midday – then 5pm in your local timezone
  • Content that has an end date, before the content expires
  • Alternating articles, then products

Our system does not post:

  • Any duplicate content from the same month
  • Content that has expired
  • Saturday – Sunday
  • Public Holidays

You can view the campaign schedule dates on the completion page after you authorize your content to post.

Learn more about LinkedIn scheduling here.

Last updated December 2021

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